Who We Are

Empire Kitchens Ltd is a furniture manufacturing company that specializes in kitchens, bedroom, and bathroom furniture. With the rising demand for high-quality kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom furniture, we at Empire Kitchens Ltd saw the need to bring the solution of a world-class kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom manufacturing solution to the doorstep of Ghanaians and Africans at large. With over 10 years of experience in this industry, it comes as no surprise how the taste of Ghanaians has risen to world-class furniture of European standards.


Empire Kitchens is in business to provide not only modern kitchens but kitchens with the international standard for sustainability.


Our target audience are customers who value quality over quantity.

Our Objectives

In three simple and easy steps, we ensure we give you a world-class kitchen. With state-of-the-art design software that renders photorealistic images of your kitchen, you are bound to see exactly what you paid for with no excuses for flaws in the final product.

Our Goals

To be recognized as one of the best leading kitchen manufacturing and installation company that values customer satisfaction.

Our Values

EMPIRE KITCHENS LTD raises the bar in the kitchen industry.

  • Our designs are the best, creative and lively which gives your kitchen the spacious and lovely feeling you always want to come home to.
  • Our designs are sure to become a classic and get mimicked by many other kitchen brands.
  • Be assured that Empire kitchen will provide your kitchen with adequate space for convenient movement, good plumbing, and electrical spacing to enable fittings to function properly, organized spacing to save time, and good ventilation to prevent moulds from developing.

Why Choose Us

Our key company values are:


Unlike most kitchen supplies, different EMPIRE KITCHENS LTD kitchen models can be mixed and matched to create a unique kitchen. EMPIRE KITCHENS LTD can provide a “custom-made kitchen” service customized to your taste, matching available color schemes.


Ergonomic kitchens are a top priority for EMPIRE KITCHENS LTD designs, suspended base units, and other integrated features ensure that our products supply all that’s in the modern kitchen.

Warranty & Aftercare

Because we supply the highest and best quality kitchens, we provide aftercare. It keeps the kitchen well maintained and looking great for many years